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Q: Are people with mental illnesses more likely than others to commit violence?

A: Studies suggest that other disorders, such as depression, may elevate rates of violence to an even greater extent. Those who have mental illnesses are much more likely to be victims of violence, not perpetrators. Indeed, suicide is much more of a problem among people with mental illness than is aggression toward others.

“We’re turning out too many super-expensive drugs that have marginal benefits.”
proto, a prefix of progress, connotes first, novel, experimental. Alone, it conjures an entire world of the new: discoveries, directions, ideas. In taking proto as its name, this magazine stakes its ground on medicine’s leading edge—exploring breakthroughs, dissecting controversies and opening a forum for informed debate.
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When Lyme Lingers

In most cases, antibiotics do the trick. But when they don't, symptoms can be devastating. New research aims to discover why.

When Disaster Strikes

The best intentions don't always add up to a fast, effective medical response. A multidisciplinary approach could help.

Our Dark Matter

Genes account for less than 2% of the human genome—and much of what determines health and disease may lie elsewhere.

The Price of Personalization

Tailoring treatments, patient by patient, can achieve remarkable results. But can we afford to make every disease rare?

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The Problem of Replication

It’s disappointing when seemingly groundbreaking studies can’t be repeated. But it’s happening a lot.

Chris McCulloh

A Tough Job Made Tougher

“Disabled” doctors? They don’t like the term or the implication, and their careers have been anything but limited.

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Tangled Up in Tau

Trouble with the protein may underlie most kinds of dementia, perhaps including Alzheimer’s. New drugs could help.


Comprehension Test

For patients to be effective partners in their own care requires a basic grasp of medical terms that, shockingly, many don’t have.


Psychiatrist Paul Appelbaum on on the psychology of violence.

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community paramedicine [kə-myü-nə-tē ˌper-ə-ˈme-də-sən] n: a trend that repurposes emergency medical services to provide in-home chronic disease management and follow-up care

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