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Massachusetts General Hospital
55 Fruit Street
Boston, MA 02114

Diane di Costanzo

// Vice President, Editorial

Jason Anthony

// Editor

David Bumke

// Project Editor

Wyatt Marshall

// Assistant Editor

John Godfrey

// Vice President, Creative

Chris Malec

// Art Director

Denise Bosco

// Photo Director

Ernie Monteiro

// Photo Editor

Sara Cahill

// Copy Chief

George J. Baer III

// Executive Director

Cynthia Manalo

// Account Director

John Kiriluk

// Associate Production Director

Jane Mayers

// Senior Pre-Media Manager

proto, a prefix of progress, connotes first, novel, experimental. Alone, it conjures an entire world of the new: discoveries, directions, ideas. In taking proto as its name, this magazine stakes its ground on medicine's leading edge—exploring breakthroughs, dissecting controversies and opening a forum for informed debate.

Editorial Advisory Board

Alasdair K. Conn, M.D.

Alasdair K. Conn, M.D.


Harold J. Demonaco, M.S.

Massachusetts General Hospital

Peter L. Slavin

// President, Massachusetts General Hospital

David F. Torchiana

// CEO and Chairman, Massachusetts General Physicians Association

Peggy Slasman

// Editor-in-Chief

Michael Morrison

// Social Media Manager

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