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After a Terrorist Attack

Photographer Diane Covert sheds light on victims of terrorist attacks with her exhibit featuring x-ray photos of the victims.

Spring 2008
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X-ray of terrorism victim

Diane Covert; the original documents in this exhibit were provided by Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center and Shaare Zedek Medical Center, both in Jerusalem. “The X-Ray Project” is partially supported by the David Project

After a terrorist attack, it seems to photographer Diane Covert, victims are forgotten in the rash of questions about perpetrators and motives. For her exhibit “Inside Terrorism: The X-Ray Project,” Covert collected images from two medical centers in Jerusalem and transferred them to Duratrans film so they could be viewed in daylight. The grotesque effects of homemade bombs appear in neat clinical detail: a nail in the throat, hex nuts in hips and, as shown, a watch that partially severed the victim’s carotid artery and lodged in her neck.

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