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Fearing the Flu

The avian virus incubating in Asia is remarkably virulent. But nature itself may prevent a human pandemic.

All Too Human

Today's patient simulators breathe, bleed, talk and die, challenging even the most experienced clinicians.

Why Strokes Still Kill

Terrible things happen fast in a victim's brain. Now new drugs and smart systems can extend the treatment deadline.

The Scarlet Gene

With the human genome laid bare, scientists are narrowing their search for the roots of mental illness.

That's Some Pig

Sugar-free and engineered for tolerance, hogs may one day fill a need for transplant organs.

Message from the MGH

The mission of Proto, by Peter L. Slavin and David F. Torchiana.

A Beautiful Death

Psychiatrist and Jesuit priest Ned Cassem discusses death and dying.

Sting Operations

Zootoxins from venomous animals could benefit human health.

Losing Sleep

Medical residents' difficulties could be dangerous for patients.

Air Mail

Text messages, friends and erectile dysfunction medication for children.

Push Comes to Shove

Do advertisements for prescription medications educate consumers—or encourage them to take drugs they don’t need?

Treating TB

What was once treated with a lung compression device is now solved by antibiotics.

The Great Stem-Cell Divide

Stem cell research continues to be controversial across the United States. Many states have their own rules about what’s allowed.

Made-to-Order Body Parts

Body parts, made quickly out of long-lasting materials, could be the future of prosthetic organs.

Tracking Adverse Drug Reactions

Medicare data would allow the FDA to identify dangerous side effects.

Will Asia overtake the U.S. in biomedical research?

Point: We aren't likely to be challenged anytime soon; counterpoint: drug production will become globally dispersed.

Morphine at 200

The painkiller named after the Greek god of dreams has a big birthday.


The author gets a very thorough, very pleasant checkup in Thailand.


Fall 2005
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