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Message from the MGH

The mission of Proto.

Fall 2005
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Right now a physician in a research lab is following a hunch that will change the way we treat disease in the years ahead. And somewhere an inventor is tinkering with the prototype of a device that one day will save lives.

Proto, a prefix of progress, conjures up the world of the new—discoveries, directions, ideas—and conveys the mission of this magazine: to usher readers to the leading edge of medical science. But while journals publish data, and newsstand magazines broadcast the benefits of the latest breakthroughs, Proto will follow a different path. It will serve as a forum in which medical professionals can reflect on their work and learn about the latest developments in other specialties, while lay readers—patients, business leaders, politicians and academics—can glimpse the exciting progress at the frontiers of medical science.

In sponsoring such a magazine, our purpose is not to portray the world of medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital. Rather, we will use our vantage point as a leading academic medical center to report on innovations occurring across the country and around the world—at hospitals, universities and independent research laboratories, at large corporations and tiny startups. Most important, our focus will not only be on progress and success; we also intend to look at controversies, setbacks and failures.

Mindful that the process of innovation is rarely straightforward, we invite discussion and debate. If you have something to add or amend, tell us. If there are stories you think we should cover, let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

Peter L. Slavin, M.D.
Massachusetts General Hospital
David F. Torchiana, M.D.
CEO and Chairman
Massachusetts General Physicians
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