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Forward Reaching

For 200 years, MGH has been expanding the field of biomedical research. This special issue celebrates the latest discoveries, insights and leaps of faith.

The Brain

Seeing is understanding as researchers study and compare ever more detailed images, some taken at the verge of consciousness, to solve mysteries of the mind and seek cures for its worst disorders.

Infectious Diseases

Though a vaccine for AIDS may soon be within reach, cholera, antibiotic-resistant bacteria and other pathogens remain scourges—and the focus of intensive research.


Linking genes to diseases and devising therapies to treat them has preoccupied medicine for years. Now, crunching ever more data, science may finally realize the potential of that approach.


The best surgery, radiation and drugs often can’t stop the growth of malignant cells or prevent fatal metastases. But new therapies, targeting molecular abnormalities, are showing remarkable results.

The Engineered Body

When the human machine breaks down, fixes may be ingeniously mechanical, using invented materials to create wear-free joints, and microelectrodes to translate thought into action.


After many decades of progress, replacement organs remain scarce and rejection all too likely. But gentler immunosuppression now—and nonhuman donors in the not-so-distant future—could help.

Molecular Biology

It’s the most basic of science, modeling how microscopic bits of life—enzymes, proteins, stem cells—operate, communicate and malfunction. The latest work underlies many of medicine’s advances.

Forward Looking

More than just a hospital, MGH is one of America’s leaders in biomedical research, as Peter L. Slavin and David F. Torchiana explain.

Ideas to Innovation

From AIDS to cancer, MGH clinicians and researchers are trying to solve some of the biggest questions in medical science.

The Legacy of Ward 4

MGH’s clinical research center created a model for the NIH to open similar facilities across the country.

Research Central

As the scope of its scientific endeavors has expanded, so has MGH’s campus.

Two Centuries of Discovery

In the lab and at the bedside, MGH scientists have produced remarkable breakthroughs. Here are just a few.

MGH and the Nobel Prize

The highest honor in science has been bestowed upon 10 of the hospital’s researchers and alumni.

Anesthesia's Maiden Voyage

The first public demonstration of the use of ether during surgery was a seminal moment in medical history.

The Research Engine

With numerous patents, discoveries and grants, MGH drives innovation.

Course of Treatment

Victoria Reggie Kennedy explains how medical research is part of an innate American desire to strive for greatness.


MGH Research Issue
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