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Statins’ Winding Road

From the discovery of cholesterol to the current state of American heart health, a history of the world’s most prescribed class of drugs.

By Timothy Gower // Winter 2011
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1769: Wellcome Trust; 1823: Bridgeman Art Library; 1833: CSMP; 1910: Granger Collection; 1939: istock; 1950: Getty Images; Late 1950s: AP Photos; 1966: istock; 1978: Veer Images; 1987: PHOTOTAKE; 1994: CSMP; 2009: ISTOCK; 2010: istock

Questioning Statins

mr statin

Statins’ ability to control cholesterol is undeniable. Less certain, after almost 25 years, is whether benefits outweigh potential harm.

Lowering Cholesterol: Beyond Statins

A new crop of drugs look to drop lipid levels and prevent heart disease by targeting genes.

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