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Fall 2012


The Problem with Biomarkers

These biological indicators can be tremendously useful in signaling the risk or presence of disease. But why has it been so difficult to find reliable ones?

The Fitter Fat

It‘s serious research disguised as diet fad: the notion that special tissue—which not everyone has—can help burn off pounds.

Cutting Cancer's Power

For tumors, it‘s a grow-or-die world, and a renewed focus on cell metabolism aims to deprive them of the fuel they must have.

Designer Drugs

“Large molecule” therapies, tailored to home in on otherwise untreatable ills, have become medicine‘s hottest commodity.

The End of the Physical?

Many doctors and patients still swear by an annual visit. But this expensive habit may not be the best way to head off disease.

The Future of the Physical

Peter L. Slavin and David F. Torchiana examine the future of the physical exam.

Second Opinion

Proto readers share their thoughts on CPR, avian flu and testosterone therapy.

Unexpected Cave Dwellers

Researchers have discovered 93 strains of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in a cave in New Mexico.

Larry Summers: The Case for Research

Economist Larry Summers argues that, despite the need to limit government spending overall, health research must remain a top priority.

Silk’s Healing Touch

Silk‘s strength makes it an asset in the medical field.

Efficiency for ORs

Hospitals around the nation have adopted ways to help alleviate delays in operating rooms.

The Bone Collector

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Hamann-Todd Osteological Collection skeletal museum. We pay it a visit.

Photo Gallery: The Bone Collector

Photos of the Hamann-Todd Osteological Collection skeletal museum.

The Upside to Full Disclosure

By instituting “disclosure, apology and offer” policies, hospitals have seen a drop in malpractice lawsuits.

Applying Apps

Two doctor-bloggers caution the side effect of using medical smartphone apps as diagnosis tools.

Vocal Cords Restored

Researchers may have discovered a way to restore vocal cords using a polymer found in moisturizing creams.

Burning Question

Who will be the first to tap the potential of brown fat?

Trouble Signs

Researchers are taking two paths toward the same goal: a blood test for depression.

Off the Shelf

A drug approved for type 2 diabetes may also target cancer’s wayword metabolism.

Under the Microscope

The author undergoes her first ultrasound, her anxiety heightened by her past as a genetic counselor.

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