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Spring 2014

Spring 2014 cover


When Lyme Lingers

A walk in the woods can lead to a disease that follows a course like none other, and still holds surprises for researchers.

Our Dark Matter

Genes account for less than 2% of the human genome—and much of what determines health and disease may lie elsewhere.

The Price of Personalization

Tailoring treatments, patient by patient, can achieve remarkable results. But can we afford to make every disease rare?

When Disaster Strikes

The best intentions don't always add up to a fast, effective medical response. A multidisciplinary approach could help.

The Science of Lyme Disease

Peter L. Slavin and David F. Torchiana on the science and importance of Lyme disease.

From MRI to Bronze Sculpture

A husband and wife team uses MRI scans to create 3-D sculptures of tumors.

Decoding Violence

Psychiatrist Paul Appelbaum says there are a number of factors that can contribute to violent behavior.

The School Nurse

School nurses see to a variety of ailments, and there aren’t enough of them.

An Imperfect 10

ICD-10 may relieve some diagnostic and billing headaches, but implementing the system could lead to serious complications—and there’s already a newer system on the horizon.

The Electric Brain

Eighty years ago, a perceived telepathic experience led Hans Berger to create the electroencephalogram.

Second Opinion

Readers weigh in on the challenges of medical literacy and issues with replicating research.

Smart Bubble Wrap

“Smart bubble wrap” could help lead to better prosthetics.

A Winning Formula?

Where do scientific prizes fit in the research funding landscape?

New Fuel for the Hormone Therapy Debate

Attitudes towards hormone therapy have shifted toward a more nuanced approach.

Only (Dis)connect

Three physician bloggers consider where social media and medicine meet.

Defined: Community Paramedicine

A new approach to in-home care turns to EMS providers.

What Lies Beneath

A young woman's uncomfortable experience in the hospital and the memory it forged.

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