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Fall 2013

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In Finer Focus

Bringing never-before-seen structures into view, today’s microscopy is dispelling cartoon concepts and answering unanticipated questions.

Do We Need So Much?

Techniques of “bloodless” surgery, honed for those who refuse transfusions, could help stem what many call an overuse of blood.

Same Genes, Different Fates

Few identical twins suffer identical maladies, leading science to probe the significance of epigenetic changes that make paths diverge.

Making Up Disaster

All the terrifying world’s a stage, and artists borrow tools of the theater to give models in drills remarkably lifelike wounds and burns.

The New Nursing Home

Can an aging nation transform the places no one wants to be? Innovations show the way, but the cost could mean slow progress.

The Promise of Microscopy

Peter L. Slavin and David F. Torchiana consider advances in microscopy and how they might lead to new treatments.

Second Opinion

Proto readers weigh in on how physicians and patients can work together to make decisions, ways to improve medical error reporting, and the need for standards when evaluating breath tests used to diagnose disease.

Billions of Lost Years

China's air pollution provides chilling statistics on air quality and its relationship to disease and life expectancy.

Lucian Leape: Rooting Out Disrespect

Lucian Leape, the father of the modern patient safety movement, talks about the culture of disrespect in medicine—and how to fix it.

A Gutsy Procedure

Evidence for fecal transplants as effective treatment for stubborn C. diff. infections.

The Rise of Medical School Debt

The soaring cost of medical school may be driving graduates away from primary care and into high-paying specialty practices.

Mother’s Little Helper at 50

After 50 years, we take a look back at the pharmaceutical industry's first $100 million brand.

A Second Act for Phages

As resistance to antibiotics grows, might phages, a treatment that fell out of favor decades ago, be the answer?

Power Struggle

As concerns about cyber attacks on medical devices and hospital networks rise, a new system aims to detect malware intrusions.

The Red-Tape Blues

Three physician bloggers bemoan--and cope with--administrative headaches that impede caregiving.

A Malaria Vaccine Clears Another Hurdle

Can a new vaccine, injected intravenously, put the brakes on malaria?

Defined: Super-Utilizers

One group of patients, also known as frequent fliers, account for a disproportionate share of health care spending: super-utilizers.

The Second Attack

After her husband's first heart attack, the author cannot escape the fear that it will happen again.

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