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Fall 2007


The Hardest Word

When a medical mistake is made, full disclosure and a sincere apology could be better for everyone involved.

Calming the Explosive Child

When troubled kids erupt, the traditional view calls for tougher parenting. A new approach substitutes skill-building for punishment.

Once and Future Threats

The best protection against bioterror could be an enhanced immune system. But human biology might pose a problem.

Losing Sleep

Yardsticks developed in 1968 can’t explain many disorders. New tools may reveal what really happens when one’s head hits the pillow.

The New Heredity

It appears that natural selection isn’t the only way traits are passed along. Environmental influences, too, may get embedded in our DNA.

Message from the MGH

The importance of saying sorry, by Peter L. Slavin and David F. Torchiana.

Second Opinion

Readers debate the doctor deficit.

Body Image

The University of Calgary’s CAVEman, a computer-generated hologram, can display human body parts in ultrasharp resolution.

Outsider on the Inside

When controversy erupts over the safety of a drug, chances are, Steven E. Nissen is not far away.

Tough to Swallow

An estimated 8 to 10 million Americans have an eating disorder.

The Green Hospital

Hospitals throughout the United States are going green to reduce their environmental impact. Among their features: roof gardens, solar panels and exposure to natural light.

Sickle Cell Secrets

In 1907, a surgeon and an intern discovered why cells sickle after they noticed something odd.

Progress With Prions

New research sheds light on the mystery of prions: misfolded proteins that promote a lethal chain of events.

No Alternative

Despite high patient demand, doctor bloggers argue that complementary alternative medicine may provide more harm than help.

A Brain Scanner in Your Hand

On the football field and battlefield, a better way to assess concussion damage.

A Life Restored

When the author’s macular degeneration worsened, physicians offered cold facts, not help. She had to find her own answers.

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