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Summer 2013

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In One Breath

The air you exhale carries a wealth of clinical data, and scientists are fashioning ever more precise methods for divining its truths.

Organs in Miniature

Microscopic models—half living, half not—may prove more reliable than animals in explaining human disease and testing therapies.

Nuclear Medicine's Crisis

Technetium, a diagnostic workhorse, provides high definition images with minimal radiation. But its supply could dry up tomorrow.

A New Driver for Research

Disease foundations that use a venture capital model get a stake in the breakthroughs they fund. Not everyone thinks that’s a good idea.

On the Same Page

Advocates of shared decision making argue that everyone benefits when patients know more and don’t just follow doctors’ orders.

Micro-Organ Models

Peter L. Slavin and David F. Torchiana discuss the research value of micro-organ models.

Second Opinion

Proto readers share their thoughts on standards for surgeons, Hurricane Sandy's aftermath at Bellevue Hospital Center, and the state of empathic care.

Matej Peljhan: Le Petit Prince

In this photo series, the imagination is the only limit for Luka, a young boy with spinal muscular atrophy.

Donald Abrams: The Integrative Oncologist

Oncologist Donald Abrams confronts cancer with both conventional and integrative methods.

Worth Its Salt

Elegant in its simplicity, saline solution is a staple in hospitals.

Just Doing Their Jobs

When two bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon, a painstakingly rehearsed emergency response plan sprang into action.

Errors From the Patient’s View

A prototype program aims to improve adverse event reporting by giving patients, family members and others a voice in the conversation.

Point of Departure

In an excerpt from physician Danielle Ofri's latest book, a heroin addict makes a group of medical residents re-think their assumptions.

Lucky Day

A woman assaulted with a box cutter finds a friend and guide in her plastic surgeon.

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