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Spring 2013


Age of Enlightenment

A new optical research tool lets scientists switch the brain’s neurons off and on to gauge what they do. It works in mice and monkeys—are humans next?

Hard to Conceive

The potential to regenerate women’s eggs is the latest breakthrough in reproductive research. But there are risks to perturbing nature.

On the Trail of Drug Risks

Many problems with therapies show up post-FDA approval. Could mining electronic data and online chatter head off trouble?

Research Gems

Issues of privacy and consent are scarcely slowing the race to build enormous, invaluable “biobanks” of human tissue and data.

The Need for Compassion

There’s ample proof that physician empathy can benefit doctors as well as patients. Next challenge: teaching medicine’s softer side.

Boston Strong

Peter L. Slavin and David F. Torchiana discuss the Boston Marathon bombings and empathic care.

Second Opinion

Proto readers share their thoughts on veterinary medicine, medical journals and hospital mergers.

Heather Dewey-Hagborg: Stranger Visions

By collecting DNA from public places, the artist can create 3-D portraits. Here’s a slideshow of her work.

Kenneth Arrow: Re-examining the Health Care Market, 50 Years On

Nobel Prize-winning economist Kenneth Arrow discusses the current state of the health care industry.

Killing Me Brightly

UV light proves itself as an annihilator of germs.

Counting the Losses

New York City’s medical research community picks up the pieces after Hurricane Sandy destroys decades of work.

Standards for Surgeons

With his creation of the American College of Surgeons 100 years ago, Franklin Martin introduced a vital aspect to surgery: regulation.

The Off-Label Debate

Physicians routinely prescribe drugs for uses not approved by the FDA. But should drug reps be allowed to tout those uses?

Still Running Short

Although drug shortages have lessened in recent years, some key classes of medications remain in short supply.

Defined: Surgical Home

One group wishes to manage a surgical patient’s entire course of care: anesthesiologists.

For Better or Worse

Against all odds, a husband stands by his wife to beat the ultimate battle: cancer.

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