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Spring 2011



On the Clock

If residents’ long shifts endanger patients, lightening the load should reduce the risk. Trouble is, there’s no evidence it does.

The Missing Piece

Rare, elusive stem cells could explain why cancer is so difficult to cure—if they even exist.

Glia's Hidden Talents

Each discovery adds to the sense that these long-ignored cells matter—for brain development, learning, memory and more.

Foreign Bodies

More than 2,000 objects remarkably unfit for consumption lodged in throats, lungs and stomachs. One physician retrieved them all.

Pipe Repair

Though not as sexy as genomics or the latest miracle drug, improved techniques and technology for fixing aortas are saving lots of lives.

A New Era In Medical Education

With tighter resident-hour limits starting in July, Peter L. Slavin and David F. Torchiana discuss the challenges ahead to train physicians in the confines of a 16-hour workday.

Second Opinion

Proto readers defend the safety of statins, discuss the importance of recognizing addiction and applaud the efforts of researchers studying TSC and LAM.

Ending Smallpox

Deep in Central Russia and down in Atlanta are the two remaining stocks of the eradicated virus that's killed millions—should they be destroyed?

A Healthy Investment

Primary care physician Eric Weil directs a program that shows that more attentive care for high-risk patients may be the most effective way to control costs.

Tinnitus: An Infernal Ringing

There's never a quiet moment for the millions suffering from a persistent buzzing in their ears.

Counterfeit Drugs: Cheating the System

From mishandled stolen shipments to repackaged fakes to scammers diluting medications, there are multiple ways phony pharmaceuticals get in the supply chain.

CPC: The Path to Diagnosis

A century ago, MGH pathologist Richard Cabot made an event out of physicians identifying illnesses—and greatly improved diagnostic methods as a result.

Policing Physicians Online

Doctors use Facebook and Twitter just like the rest of the public, but their participation brings ethical and legal risks.

NDM-1: A New Superbug

In the fight against a burgeoning breed of drug-resistant pathogens, researchers look to add weapons beyond antibiotics.

Hygiene Hypothesis

Could living cleaner actually make us sicker?

The Forgetting Basket

As her mother's memory fades, one writer watches it go, one handwritten note at a time.

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