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Winter 2013


Hospitals: The Merger Push

Economic pressures are leading hospitals to merge in record numbers. Though better care is the goal, clashing cultures and higher prices are often the result.

Gravity: Studies in Free Fall

Research in space, absent gravity’s pull, is shedding light on earthbound problems, from osteoporosis to immune deficiencies.

Cutting Cancer's Power

For tumors, it’s a grow-or-die world, and a renewed focus on cell metabolism aims to deprive them of the fuel they must have.

Probing Journals

The trend of publishing research on the Web is raising concerns about how medical advances are judged and disseminated.

Medication: Timely Reminders

Not taking medicine as directed exacts a heavy toll on disease and death. New approaches, high tech and low, could make a difference.

Are Hospital Mergers the Answer?

Peter L. Slavin and David F. Torchiana examine the pros and cons of hospital mergers.

Second Opinion

Proto readers share their thoughts on antibiotic resistance and research funding.

Parkinson’s Disease: Rhythmic Entrainment

Help for Parkinson’s patients from an unlikely corner: the Mark Morris Dance Group.

Barbara Natterson-Horowitz: What Veterinarians Can Teach Us

Cardiologist Barbara-Natterson Horowitz explains why the most humanistic medicine today is being practiced by veterinarians.

C-Sections: Born This Way

The popularity of C-sections is on the rise.

Airports: Going Airborne

A computer model reveals why some airports might be better spreaders of contagious disease than others.

Victim or Villain?

To quarantine or not to quarantine? To this day, difficult public health case Typhoid Mary still begs the question.

Stuck, At Home

Solutions to the shortage of home health workers can't wait much longer.

Clearing Hep C

Several drugs that stop the virus by blocking different pathways are nearing FDA approval.

Dividing the Best From the Rest

An influential measurement uses a Moneyball approach to rank medical journals.

Post-Op: A Compelling Subject

A human guinea pig and photographer shares his experience as a medical study participant through his camera lens.

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