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Summer 2010

Summer 10 Cover


The War Inside

Finally recognized as real and debilitating, post-traumatic stress disorder may now be yielding ground to innovative therapies.

Dangerous Devices

It’s much easier to get a medical device approved than to bring a new drug to market. Should that change?

Logical Medicine

Thousands of these step-by-step decision aids stand ready to assist in diagnosis and treatment. But most physicians don’t use them.

The Brain at Work

What do London cabbies have in common with musicians and mathematicians? Bulked up gray matter that helps them do their jobs.

Our Native Flora

In today’s antimicrobial world, broad swaths of our 100 trillion resident bacteria may soon disappear—with profound consequences.

Message from the MGH

Peter L. Slavin and David F. Torchiana talk about the documentary Boston Med and the rewards of transparency.

Second Opinion

Proto readers question evidence-based medicine, suggest a better way to dispense drug samples and express misgivings about medical homes.

Taking Hit After Hit

Repeat blows to the head can have serious—and long-term&mdashimplications for football players.

More Dollars, More Drugs?

Does the U.S. pharmaceutical industry provide better drugs than Europe—or are they just more expensive?

Medicating Young Minds

One writer planned to write a book about the willful overmedication of children, but what she found was the opposite.

What's That Racket?

The sounds of talking and footsteps, overhead paging, and beeping equipment can add up to quite a cacophony.

Nursing a Profession

One hundred and fifty years ago, Florence Nightingale opened a school that would revolutionize nursing.

Structure/Function Claim

Critics say a certain type of statement allowed on food labels could mislead—rather than inform—consumers.

Why Recertify?

Does the recertification process prove physicians’ expertise or just waste their time?

An Elusive Isotope

The world's hospitals rely on technetium-99m for imaging, but the isotope is in short supply.

Accepting Ethan

One father’s emotional limits are tested when his newborn son is found to be severely disabled.

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