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Spring 2010

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Burden of Proof

A deceptively simple-seeming concept, evidence-based medicine calls for physicians to follow consensus guidelines. But whose consensus?

Is Aging a Disease?

If, as some scientists suspect, illnesses that strike late in life have a common root, similar therapies might help us avoid many of them.

Origami Medicine

When proteins misfold, molecular chaos ensues, leading to cystic fibrosis and other ills. New research aims to unwind the mistakes.

Symptoms in Script

Not just pop science, handwriting analysis can be a telling diagnostic tool, revealing signs of bipolar disease, Parkinson’s and other disorders.

Why Joints Fail

What causes osteoarthritis? Not wear and tear, apparently, but bone lesions, misaligned joints and fat-cell-generated inflammation.

Message from the MGH

Peter L. Slavin and David F. Torchiana, the MGH’s president and CEO, mull the merits of evidence-based medicine.

Second Opinion

Proto readers opine on Biopolis's downside, the value of medical homes, and making CPR count.

Spinning Scaffolding for Skin Grafts

A team of researchers in New York is working on a sweet solution—based on the structure of cotton candy—to help engineered tissue survive.

Coming to America

International medical graduates face a difficult road to practice in the United States.

A Flight Plan for Hospitals

An author and seasoned pilot talks about what aviation can teach hospitals about safety.

Sticking Points

Percutaneous injuries among medical students and health care workers hurt in more ways than one.

The Salvarsan Wars

When Paul Ehrlich developed the first clinically-tested syphilis treatment in 1910, he sparked hope and controversy.

Zinc Fingers

With zinc finger technology, scientists might be able to “cut and paste”DNA to fight certain diseases.

Using Baby's Blood

Storing newborns' blood for research creates a valuable resource—but some parents are trying to put a stop to the practice.

Helping Haiti

The aftermath of the January 12 earthquake in Haiti had these medical bloggers pondering everything from the quiet courage of patients to wider issues in health care.

My Body, Myself

Deciding to keep her medical condition a secret from her parents becomes a declaration of independence for one woman.

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