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Hed-onthewards Innovations in Clinical Research
Lucian Leape

Q: What does disrespect look like from a patient’s perspective?

A: The most obvious form is waiting. Much more serious, though, is not getting a full explanation of what’s going on. Another example is, when something goes wrong, a lack of honesty in admitting what happened. Also, what strikes patients as disrespectful is having to fill out that clipboard every time they go to a physician’s office regardless of how many times they’ve been there.

“The science of disaster medicine is in its infancy.”

The Price of Personalization

Tailoring treatments, patient by patient, can achieve remarkable results. But can we afford to make every disease rare?

The Trouble with Targeting Treatments

Researchers are working to develop diagnostic tests to determine who is eligible for targeted therapies, but red tape and limited expertise stand in the way.

Sounding It Out

A look at two tests designed to determine a patient's health literacy.

Perseverance in Practice

Three physicians embrace careers in medicine despite their disabilities.

Lungs connected to a cardiopulmonary pump and ventilator

A Second Life for Lungs

"Lung washing" is keeping donated lungs alive longer.

Red polo shirt

Go Live

In this short story, an IT guy reveals the human angle of dealing with new health care technology.


helium cliff [ˈhē-lē-əm ˈklif] n: an anticipated decline in the supply of helium, an inert gas that is essential for magnetic resonance imaging equipment.

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