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Hed-policywatch Pressing Issues in Health Care

Q: What are the likely conse-quences of major cuts to federal funding?

A: If we were to allow budget pressures to cut NIH funding, the conse-quences would involve lost employment opportunities for Americans, loss of leadership for America in key scientific areas and missed opportunities for American children to know their grandparents.

“Why am I blogging, pushing content through my website and even interacting on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and many other sites? Because my patients are there.”

The Trouble with Targeting Treatments

Researchers are working to develop diagnostic tests to determine who is eligible for targeted therapies, but red tape and limited expertise stand in the way.

Wanted: A Better Analogy

Why geneticists hate the term "dark matter."

Carolyn Greene: EHRs and Public Health

Epidemiologist Carolyn Greene on the potential benefits of using electronic health records to monitor public health.

Double helix of DNA

Does This Gene Look Patentable?

A Supreme Court ruling on whether genes can be patented didn't give crystal clear answers.

Artistic photo of a woman's body

No Easy Answers

The name—ductal carcinoma in situ—begs the question: how to treat a small breast lesion that has yet to spread.

Defined: Helium Cliff

An impending helium shortage could greatly raise the price of helium, an element used to chill MRI scanners.


Mass General Community on Boston Marathon Bombing
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1/750 Recommended nurse-to-student ratio for students in the general population, according to the National Association of School Nurses (NASN)

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