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Hed-pov Perspectives from Doctors, Patients, Policymakers
Donald Abrams

Q: Where does a typical oncologist’s job leave off and an integrative practitioner’s begin?

A: I tell the patient that cancer is like a weed. The oncologist is taking care of your weed—providing chemotherapy, surgery, radiation—whereas it’s my job to work with the garden and make your soil as inhospitable as possible to the growth and spread of the weed.

“I'm sorry. Most of us only read about Bell's palsy in textbooks.”

Paul Appelbaum: The Next Big Thing in Psychiatry

Paul Appelbaum on the next big thing in psychiatry.

Paul Appelbaum: Violence and Mental Illness

Psychiatrist Paul Appelbaum on the many causes of violent behavior.

Second Opinion

Readers weigh in on the challenges of medical literacy and issues with replicating research.

The Science of Lyme Disease

Peter L. Slavin and David F. Torchiana on the science and importance of Lyme disease.

A hand

These Hands

At her great-uncle's bedside, the author considers the genetic disorder that binds her family.


A Call for Replication

Peter L. Slavin and David F. Torchiana on the value of reproducing research.


Epidemiologist Carolyn Greene on the potential benefits of using electronic health records to monitor public health.

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18 Gallons, in millions, of herbicides sprayed via fixed-wing aircraft over approximately 3.6 million acres in Vietnam to defoliate the thick jungle canopy and expose opposition forces during Operation Ranch Hand, from August 1965 to February 1971

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