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Harry Campbell

Infectious Diseases

Well into the postwar years of the last century, tuberculosis, pneumonia, typhoid, polio and other infectious diseases were common causes for admissions to Massachusetts General Hospital, and in 1956 the hospital established a Division of Infectious Disease with a staff of three. Such disorders remain a global scourge, causing more than 23% of the world’s deaths—15 million annually. At MGH, 45 physicians have joined the fight, providing innovative care for patients while pursuing an HIV/AIDS vaccine, conducting genetic studies of cholera and working to unravel the molecular mechanisms of superbugs.

  • AIDS Achilles heel Bringing Down AIDS
    After a 30-year battle against AIDS, researchers have discovered vulnerabilities in the virus that may lead to its ultimate defeat. //  More

  • cholera case study A Detective Story
    When cholera hit earthquake-ravaged Haiti, MGH physicians moved in to investigate and traced the strain of bacteria to its source. //  More

  • Hooper Battling a New Breed of Bugs
    MGH’s associate chief of infectious disease, who’s working to find new approaches to fight drug-resistant superbugs, discusses how he treated one of the most notorious: NDM-1. //  More

  • c. elegans Dead or Alive
    Molecular geneticists at MGH have designed an automated system that images and analyzes multiple bacterial samples at a time so they can more quickly test antibiotics. //  More

  • candida albicans A Disarming Molecule
    Could the active ingredient in Chanel No. 5 help defeat drug-resistant pathogens? //  More

  • Tracking Treatment
    Mathematical simulation has helped shape policy about testing for and treatment of HIV/AIDS. //  More


Video: Battling a New Breed of Bugs

David Hooper explains the evolving field of infectious disease research. // MORE

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