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Hed-stat The World of Biomedicine, in Brief
Carolyn Greene

Q: What are the advantages of using EHRs to monitor the health of large populations?

A: EHR systems collect vast amounts of information on large numbers of patients. This means that in addition to tracking the prevalence of diseases or risk factors within the population as a whole, we’ll be able to track how well we’re treating and controlling chronic diseases over time and by characteristics such as age, sex and neighborhood poverty level.

“This is a case of spontaneous telepathy in which... as I contemplated certain death, I transmitted my thoughts, while my sister who was particularly close to me, acted as the receiver.”

What Is Genetic Dark Matter?

Researchers are only beginning to understand genetic dark matter's many mysteries.

Defined: Community Paramedicine

A new approach to in-home care turns to EMS providers.

Only (Dis)connect

Three physician bloggers consider where social media and medicine meet.

smart bubble wrap

Smart Bubble Wrap

"Smart bubble wrap" could help lead to better prosthetics.

The School Nurse

School nurses see to a variety of ailments, and there aren't enough of them.

A New Epidemic Model

SARS revealed the existence of "super-spreaders," who can infect dozens of people. The same, it appears, goes for other infectious diseases.


Psychiatrist Paul Appelbaum on on the psychology of violence.

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One hundred and fifty years ago, Rebecca Lee Crumpler became the first black woman to receive a medical degree in the United States.

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