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ACEs: When Social Ills Become Medical

To treat her young patients, Nadine Burke uses research on how adverse childhood experiences affect health. (Summer 2011)

Kenneth Arrow: Re-examining the Health Care Market, 50 Years On

Nobel Prize-winning economist Kenneth Arrow discusses the current state of the health care industry. (Spring 2013)

Morphine at 200

The painkiller named after the Greek god of dreams has a big birthday. (Fall 2005)

The Healing Touch (Screen)

Medical bloggers discuss how smartphones and iPads will change the way they practice medicine. (Winter 2011)

The Genome’s Dark Matter

From architecture to function, the ENCODE project's researchers are filling in the gaps in our understanding of human genetics. (Summer 2011)

A Brain Scanner in Your Hand

On the football field and battlefield, a better way to assess concussion damage. (Fall 2007)

A Useful Cavity

Another way to ensure patients take their medication: implant a dental prosthesis that releases drugs directly into their mouths. (Spring 2007)

Polio Resurfaces

The disease was supposed to be gone from the United States. How did it show up in a secluded community? (Winter 2006)


Genetic tests can be fraught with false positives and insignificant findings that may undermine their effectiveness. (Fall 2010)

HIV: Finding Clues Among the Rare Few

New AIDS research and the study of asymptomatic HIV-positive patients has brought optimism to those looking to cure the disease. ()


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