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Physician Board Certification: Why Recertify?

Does the recertification process prove physicians’ expertise or just waste their time? (Summer 2010)

DSM: Paging Through Mental Illness

Will the next edition of the definitive guide to assessing mental health be too broad? (Fall 2010)

Lost in the Shuffle

Looking ahead to shorter resident hours causing more frequent patient handoffs, hospitals are working to ensure vital information is communicated to the next shift. ()

Pediatrics: Protecting Children’s Hearts

A cholesterol test for 10-year-olds could show early signs of cardiovascular disease, yet critics foresee unnecessary treatment. (Spring 2012)

Eyeing Clinical Trials

The United States is launching a database to remedy a lack of transparency in clinical trial results. (Summer 2008)

The Eight Americas

Universal medical insurance isn’t the golden ticket to universally improved health, warn researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health. (Spring 2008)

Health Coverage for All

Massachusetts mandated that by July 1, 2007, all of its residents obtain health insurance. Here’s how the system was planned to work. (Fall 2006)

Strapped for Cash

Scientists—no matter their experience or research—all face stiff competition in getting NIH funding. (Spring 2009)

Come Together

Massachusetts has been a model of health reform (reform Scott Brown endorsed). Its 2006 plan, a compromise between Republicans and Democrats, has improved access to care while keeping costs well within projections. That’s the real lesson of the recent Senate vote. (Winter 2010)

Data Sharing: The New Gene Pool

Sage Bionetworks, a nonprofit research organization, encourages collaboration and the exchange of ideas among scientists. ()

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