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Body of Evidence

When a medical study is published, many accept it as fact. But in reality, the quality of studies’ evidence can vary widely. (Fall 2008)

Drug Distributors: On The Gray Market

Though pharmaceutical products are tightly regulated, distributors aren’t, and that has led to a netherworld of dealers ready to exploit—or create—drug shortages. ()

Traffic Patterns

As the numbers show, the emergency room overcrowding crisis has reached epic proportions. (Summer 2008)

Trimming the Red Tape

The ThedaCare Improvement System's boost to efficiency in primary care. (Spring 2008)

Making Markets for Vaccines

Profit is scarce in the areas that need medicines most. How to bridge the stunning gap? (Winter 2006)

Ending Smallpox

Deep in Central Russia and down in Atlanta are the two remaining stocks of the eradicated virus that's killed millions—should they be destroyed? (Spring 2011)

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

The FDA and pharmaceutical companies have employed a number of methods to thwart counterfeiters—yet scammers seem to have no trouble keeping up. ()

A Matter of Time

Doctors' hours have risen, then fallen, since the practice of residency was adopted in 1889. ()

Women’s Health: A Premium on Gender

Insurers attribute higher premiums for women than men of the same age because of the increased cost of women’s care. (Spring 2012)

Class Conflict

Pharmacists propose a third category of drugs—“behind the counter”—which they, not doctors, would prescribe. (Spring 2008)

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