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Once and Future Threats

The best protection against bioterror could be an enhanced immune system. But human biology might pose a problem. (Fall 2007)

Bioterror by the Numbers

The costs of defending against bioterrorism are many. (Fall 2007)

You Can Hurry Science

Frustrated by the glacial pace of autism research, activist parents have taken matters into their own hands. (Winter 2006)

The Outsourced Patient

Americans are saving untold thousands of dollars on major surgeries by traveling thousands of miles, even halfway around the world. (Winter 2008)

Experimental Deficit

U.S. pharmaceutical companies are sending clinical trials offshore to cope with the shortfall of willing subjects at home. A look at the effects of outsourcing, for both good and ill. (Winter 2007)

Building a Better Trial—But is it Ethical?

How can researchers test the effects of drugs without compromising their results, or their ethics? (Summer 2006)

Green Chemistry

Pharmaceutical companies are finding that reducing waste in drug manufacturing can also save them millions of dollars. (Fall 2009)

Why Drugs Run Out

According to data compiled by the University of Utah Drug Information Service, these are the most common reasons for drug shortages. ()


A movement to ban uncredited contributors is growing among medical journals. (winter 2010)

Blood Feud

The testing of artificial blood has sparked controversy over individual rights. (Fall 2006)

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