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Will Animals Ever Leave the Lab?

Computers aren’t guinea pigs (or mice or rats), and they certainly aren’t human. But they are changing the face of medical research. (Winter 2008)

Diagnosis in the Fast Lane

With two microscope slides, one computer chip and nine volts of electricity, a new saliva analyzer can return results in just eight minutes. (Fall 2008)

In the Time of Polio

From an ancient Egyptian stone carving to eradication in one hemisphere, polio has a long history. (Spring 2006)

The Genome’s Dark Matter

From architecture to function, the ENCODE project's researchers are filling in the gaps in our understanding of human genetics. (Summer 2011)

The Price of Knowledge

Here’s what you get when you send in your saliva to three major firms in the mail-order genome market. (Summer 2008)

Genes in a Haystack

Here’s how microarrays—or “gene chips”—are used in the search for errant genes. (Summer 2007)

Studies in Miniature

Liquids act differently in tiny spaces, enabling lab-on-a-chip technology to transform research, drug discovery and disease diagnosis. (Fall 2008)

Drosophila: Lord of the Fly Room

Thomas Hunt Morgan's discoveries won him the Nobel Prize and forever altered American Laboratories. (Fall 2010)

Larry Summers: The Case for Research

Economist Larry Summers argues that, despite the need to limit government spending overall, health research must remain a top priority. (Fall 2012)

The Lessons of Progeria

Could a rare genetic disease that “ages” children help explain the adult aging process? (Fall 2009)


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