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Social Media: Policing Physicians Online

Doctors use Facebook and Twitter just like the rest of the public, but their participation brings ethical and legal risks. (Spring 2011)

Of Labels and Liability

Will consumers continue to have the power to question a drug’s safety? (Fall 2008)

Tracking Adverse Drug Reactions

Medicare data would allow the FDA to identify dangerous side effects. (Fall 2005)

Larry Summers: The Case for Research

Economist Larry Summers argues that, despite the need to limit government spending overall, health research must remain a top priority. (Fall 2012)

Will NIH Cuts Stifle Research?

The National Institutes of Health fund much of U.S. medical research. Could budget cuts stem the flow of breakthroughs? (Spring 2006)

Is No-Pay the Way?

To save money and increase quality of care for Medicare patients, the government is considering denying payment to hospitals for certain procedures. (Summer 2009)

The Hardest Word

A timely apology and adequate compensation may persuade patients not to sue over medical mistakes. So why do most hospitals stonewall? (Fall 2007)

Trouble in Triplicate

Administrative costs consume almost a third of the health care dollar. Hospitals and doctors say that must change. (Spring 2008)

Are We Running Out of Doctors?

First, a predicted glut; now, an apparent shortage. Getting physician supply to match demand is hard; getting it wrong could be devastating. (Summer 2007)

Sick of Waiting

Emergency room jam-ups threaten patients, inflate costs and disrupt hospital operations. Small fixes might solve this big problem. (Summer 2008)


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