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Hospitals: The Merger Push

Hospitals are bulking up again, using acquisitions to try to become more efficient. But will consolidation improve care, or hurt it? (Winter 2013)

The Quest for Quality

Pay for performance seems simple: Give doctors financial incentives to improve care. So what’s taking so long? (Fall 2006)

The Great Stem-Cell Divide

Stem cell research continues to be controversial across the United States. Many states have their own rules about what’s allowed. (Fall 2005)

Avian Flu: Playing Chicken

New avian flu work has sparked debate among researchers and security experts. (Summer 2012)

Care Across Cultures

As today’s caregivers face a rainbow of cultures, issues of race, religion and language can make or break a treatment plan. (Winter 2007)

ACOs: Time to Regroup

Can doctors and hospitals collaborate to improve quality and limit costs? The accountable care organization may be their last, best chance. (Summer 2011)

The Future of Obesity?

A long campaign halved the percentage of U.S. smokers. Could a similar effort succeed against the nation’s obesity epidemic? (Summer 2009)

Drug Shortages: Museum Pieces

Drug availability is getting worse, with essential medicines often impossible to obtain. What will it take to fix the system? (Summer 2011)

Push Comes to Shove

Do advertisements for prescription medications educate consumers—or encourage them to take drugs they don't need? (Fall 2005)

Can Parents Push Too Hard?

Is there a downside to lobbying for research funding for specific diseases? (Winter 2006)

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