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At the Extremes of Life, Extremes of Cost

Focusing on the beginning and end of life may point to ways to save substantial health care costs. (Spring 2007)

Hospitalists: A Field on the Move

The number of hospitalists is growing, but their turnover is greater than other physicians. (Spring 2012)

Video: Care on the Street

Leaders of the Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program discuss the challenges of treating this special population. (Spring 2012)

New Uses for Old Drugs

Often, drugs that treat more than one condition do so by acting on the same biological pathway, or target. (Summer 2009)

Multiple Sclerosis Treatments: New Routes to Relief

A number of new therapies are on the horizon to treat patients with MS. (Fall 2010)

The Ethics of Altering Memory

The question of whether it’s possible to prevent post-traumatic stress disorder is one thing; the question of whether we should is quite another. (Winter 2007)

Homeless Health: Care on the Street

Homeless patients suffer multiple afflictions that most doctors never see. Innovative programs are reaching and helping them. (Spring 2012)

Progress With Prions

New research sheds light on the mystery of prions: misfolded proteins that promote a lethal chain of events. (Fall 2007)

On the Trail of Drug Risks

Many problems with therapies show up post-FDA approval. Could mining electronic data and online chatter head off trouble? (Spring 2013)

The Costs and Rewards

How do hospitals decided if robotic surgery technology is worth the hefty price? (Winter 2007)


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