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The Green Hospital

Hospitals throughout the United States are going green to reduce their environmental impact. Among their features: roof gardens, solar panels and exposure to natural light. (Fall 2007)

Using Baby's Blood

Storing newborns' blood for research creates a valuable resource—but some parents are trying to put a stop to the practice. (Spring 2010)

Should Genes Be Patented?

A federal court recently ruled that they couldn't, whereas supporters and critics continue to debate whether patents foster or hinder innovation. (Fall 2010)

Residency Hour Limits: On the Clock

If residents’ long shifts endanger patients, lightening the load should reduce the risk. Trouble is, there’s no evidence it does. (Spring 2011)

Drug Approval Decoded

The Food and Drug Administration has been alternately lauded as a protector and dismissed as outmoded. Here’s how a drug makes its way through FDA approval. (Spring 2006)

How P4P Works

The road to being paid for performance is somewhat convoluted. (Fall 2006)

Joint Venture?

The need for a U.S. joint replacement registry is urgent, but should the government or orthopedic surgeons control the data? (Fall 2009)

Wrong Number

Statistics are used to tell all sorts of news stories; when it comes to medical stories, readers beware. (Summer 2006)

Catching a Chill

Ordinarily resistant to economic ills, health care this time is suffering too. Poor and uninsured patients are most at risk. (Spring 2009)

Drug Samples: The Cost of Free Drugs

Handouts from drug companies might seem helpful, but some experts contend that they create conflicts of interest and raise prescription costs. (winter 2010)

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