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Applying Apps

The world of medical apps is still imperfect, these physician-bloggers say. (Fall 2012)

ACEs: When Social Ills Become Medical

To treat her young patients, Nadine Burke uses research on how adverse childhood experiences affect health. (Summer 2011)

Second Opinion

Proto readers share their thoughts on antibiotic resistance and research funding. (Winter 2013)

Second Opinion

Readers decry lack of foresight—with respect to loss of vision, eating disorders and the doctor shortage. (Winter 2008)

Our Earth, Our Health

Eric Chivian, founder of the Center for Health and the Global Environment, worries that some medical mysteries may remain forever unsolved as a result of global climate change. (Spring 2008)

All Over the Map

As Elliott Fisher of the Dartmouth Atlas Project has discovered, more money does not always mean better health care. (Winter 2008)

A Life Restored

When the author’s macular degeneration worsened, physicians offered cold facts, not help. She had to find her own answers. (Fall 2007)

Second Opinion

Readers warn against distraction, addiction, diarrhea and more. (Winter 2007)


Brain surgery unexpectedly impaired a writer/illustrator’s abilities to speak, read and write, leaving her to wonder if she would ever get her old self back. (Winter 2007)

Frontline Frustrations

Caring for patients is what registered nurses signed up to do, not dealing with patients’ inconsiderate families, defensive colleagues and red tape, as these nurse bloggers explain. (Winter 2007)


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